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September 16, 2019

Happy retirement, Bill C-27!

In October 2016, the federal government introduced Bill C-27. This legislation would allow employers to change employee pension plans, even after they have retired. In response, the National Association of Federal Retirees, along with the Canadian Coalition for Retirement Security, launched the “Honour Your Promise” campaign.

And it worked. The legislation fell silent and remained right where it started – at first reading, on the order paper. It never moved forward. When the House of Commons rose in June 2019, and with the call of this election, Bill C-27 effectively died.


While we are happy to celebrate Bill C-27’s retirement, Federal Retirees remains vigilant on this file. Legislation and consultations proposing similar changes have popped up in several provinces over the last few years. What’s more, other challenges on the pension landscape – like the impact of corporate bankruptcies on retiree and employee pensions, and the challenges Canadians have in saving enough for retirement – mean a clear vision and substantive action to meaningfully improve retirement security options are needed from the next federal government.

In this election, the National Association of Federal Retirees has four key priorities:
  • Retirement income security
  • A national seniors strategy
  • Support for veterans and their families
  • Pharmacare
Already, nearly 10,000 people have signed on in support of this campaign. Together, we can ensure that the next government hears our message, loud and clear – that promises to retirees should be kept, and that legislation like Bill C-27 shouldn’t return.

The National Association of Federal Retirees remains a non-partisan organization. Our campaign’s goal is to ensure that the issues important to our members are recognized and addressed by candidates in this election, and that our members have the tools they need to make an informed decision at the ballot box. The federal election is scheduled to take place on October 21, 2019.